Populistinės partijos Europoje - atviri duomenys

Savaitiniame el. naujienlaiškyje Data is Plural atradau, kad mokslininkai surinko populiastinių Europos partijų duomenis (įskaitant ir Lietuvos). Tad jeigu domina populizmas, kraštutinės kairiosios ir kraštutinės dešiniosios partijos pas mus, pas kaimynus ir pan. Užmeskite akį.

Europopulism. The PopuList, constructed by Matthijs Rooduijn et al., “offers academics and journalists an overview of populist, far-left and far-right parties in Europe from 1989 until 2022.” Version 3.0 of the dataset, released last month, lists each party’s country, local/English names, presence in parliament, and identifiers in the Party Facts (DIP 2019.01.16) and ParlGov (DIP 2018.09.19) databases. It also indicates whether the project’s comparativists and country experts classified the party (outright or “borderline”) as populist, far-right, far-left, and/or euroskeptic, and for which time periods.